Five TFX1 Gore-Tex vedenpitävä käsine, musta/harmaa

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Five TFX1 Gore-Tex vedenpitävä käsine, musta/harmaa - 8 / S Tuotetta ei ole varastossa. Tarkista saatavuus ja toimitusaika ennen tilausta:

Topside: Water-repellent stretch and RipStop™ fabric construction for weatherproofing and comfort.

Palm: full-grain goat leather for suppleness, and digitalized leather reinforcement at contact points for optimal grip in wet weather, and wide

Superfabric® protective reinforcement that covers the thenar eminence and the hypothenar.

GORE-TEX Grip™ breathable, weatherproof membrane molded to the lining on the palm side.

FIVE ERGO PROTECH™ one-piece metacarpophalangeal protective shell in soft TPR.

Memory-foam and TPR reinforcement on the back of the hand.

Phalangeal protective elements in soft TPR on the index and middle fingers.

Forearm protection with a thick, semi-soft TPR 3D shell.

Wide SuperFabric® reinforcement on the little and ring fingers.

Anti-twist accordion strap between the little and ring fingers so your fingers don’t get pulled apart if you fall (a FIVE innovation).

Comfort gusset on the index and middle-finger joints.

Outside seaming on the fingers.

Memory-foam reinforcements on the thumb and palm.

Silicone print on the palm for improved grip.

Inner lining featuring “map”-style silk-screened design.

Stretch V-shape and Velcro dual-construction closure system with gripper tab, one on the wrist and the other on the sleeve, for perfect fit.

“Pull & Ride” tab for easy on/off.

3D reflective patches.

Clear Vision Pad™ visor-cleaning system on the left-hand side.

TouchScreen™ system (index finger and thumb) for handling electronic devices.