Five TFX4 lyhyt käsine, musta/harmaa

65,00 €
Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.
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Five TFX4 lyhyt käsine, musta/harmaa - 8 / S Tuotetta ei ole varastossa. Tarkista saatavuus ja toimitusaika ennen tilausta:

- Mixed stretch, water-repellent fabric and 4-way Spandex construction (topside).

- Synthetic leather palm.

- Dual soft-TPR ErgoProtech metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell.

- Wide Kevlar® reinforcement, from the base of the hand all the way up to the hypothenar.

- Velcro closure tab and base of the thumb in Airprene fabric, offering both support and ventilation.

- Lycra-style fourchettes (between the fingers).

- Touch Screen™ system (on the index finger) for handling electronic device screens.

- Anti-slip silicone print on the index and middle fingers, for better grip on the controls.

- Deflector flap in retro-reflective fabric on the top of the hand.

- Heat-welded FIVE sonic logos that act as protective elements.